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Abeno Business Design Lab

Category: Signage

Date: 2020.08

Location: Abeno-ku, Osaka

​Client: Momoyama Gakuin

Architect: Takenaka Corporation

Furniture: inter office

Photo: Tomooki Kengaku

Graphic Design in Japan 2021Selected

Abeno Business Design Lab is a new school building of Momoyama Gakuin University (St. Andrew’s University). Its atrium with flights of stairs arranged in spiral generates multidirectional links. We drew on the signage to heighten the centrality of the atrium and staircase and stimulate the activities of users.


Placed on the floor around the atrium are the wayfinding signs. While giving accurate directions to classrooms and restrooms, the signage interacts with randomly installed light fixtures on the ceiling to bring dynamics to the environment, encouraging active communication between users. The floor numbers indicated on the balusters attract attention to the atrium. Assuming this facility is mostly visited by frequent users, we aimed to make the signage functional and, at the same time, merge into the background for those who no longer require wayfinding.  

桃山学院大学の新校舎Abeno Business Design Labは、スパイラル状の立体的な吹抜けにより多方向の繋がりが生まれる空間である。サインによって吹抜けや階段の中心性を高め、利用者のアクティビティを活性化することに試みた。



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