Blue Marine Sports Club KIDS

Environmental Graphics

Date: 2019.2

Location: Saku City, Nagano

​Client: Blue Marlin Sports Club

Architect: MON architects

Photo: Tomooki Kengaku

The bottom photo is taken Takumi Ota

The 53th SDA AwardsBronze Award

The environmental graphics of the kids’ area for a sports club. This facility, opened in the spring of 2019, features an atrium and an easy-to-go-around circulation that seamlessly connect space. Taking an advantage of these architectural features, we drew on environmental graphics to create site-specific design that encourages its users to interact.


While walking through the entrance hall, there appears an iconic staircase with colorful letters randomly scattered on the wall. This space was designed on the concept of ‘Word Bouldering’. Just like climbing a bouldering wall, a positive word, such as “FUTURE” or “PEACE”, is spelled out when the same colored alphabets are followed with the eyes from the bottom up. The location in shoe racks and lockers is indicated by animal faces and colors, not by numbers, offering fun to imagine what each animal is. The nearly 30 meters long wall at the Gallery on the second floor is a backdrop to bring out visitors’ movements when viewed from the poolside. It also creates ‘see and being seen’ relationship between the Gallery and the swimming pool, rather than only the Gallery looking down on the swimming pool.

フィットネスクラブ キッズエリアの環境グラフィック。2019年春に新しくオープンした施設は、吹抜や回遊性のある動線により、空間に繋がりが感じられることが特徴である。このような建築の特徴を活かしながら、利用者の交流を生むデザインを試みた。



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