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Toshiba co-creation center Creative Circuit™

Category: Environmental Graphic

Date: 2021.02

Location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa ​

Client: Toshiba

Interior Design + Furniture: inter office

Photo: Tomooki Kengaku

Creative Circuit™ is a place where Toshiba engages in value co-creation with its customers and partner companies. To create its visual identity, graphics reminding electronic circuit symbols were designed and distributed throughout the space. These symbols express the mindset and literacy necessary in co-creative activities, and they are intended to inspire the users’ creativity.


The wayfinding signs and bulletin boards are designed to be hooked onto the rails on the spandrel walls, so that they could be moved as needed. Thus, the signs acquire a tool-like presence, giving a casual impression suitable for a place where co-creation activities are carried out. Boards for displaying workshop information could be placed on the rails as well, functioning as catalysts prompting users to take part in activities.  

Creative Circuitは、東芝が顧客やパートナー企業との価値共創を実践する場である。施設の視覚的なアイデンティティとして、回路記号(Circuit)を想起させるシンボルをデザインし、空間に展開した。このシンボルは共創活動を行う際のマインドセットとリテラシーを表現しており、利用者の創造性を引き出す助けとなることを意図している。



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