The Learning Station CROSSLIGHT

Category: Sign System, Identity

Date: 2019.03

Location: Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi

​Client: Baiko Gakuin University

Architect: Tetsuo Kobori Architects

Furniture : inter office

Photo: Tomooki Kengaku

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019Gold Award

The 53th SDA Awards, Silver Award

The long-established Baiko Gakuin is the sixth Christian school founded in Japan. The new building named the Learning Station CROSSLIGHT was constructed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishment of Baiko Gakuin University. The new building is a unique space to stimulate the interactions between people. We were in charge of the logo and signage design. The logo design was a combination of the name of the facility and the Christian cross symbol, with the crossing lines expressing “interaction.”


The scheme for signage was designed to be compatible with the logo, and adopted a cross-shaped guiding sign. The new building was made to minimize the differentiation of the hallway and the classrooms, with a distinctive zigzag traffic line between the continuous spaces. By installing cross-shaped guiding signs on the floors of the corners and intersections, the signs were made for the way to be instinctively recognizable. The signs indicating the classrooms are presented in the alphabets from A to Z with the words from the Bible. Walking inside feels as if walking through a Bible Dictionary. The specifications for the signs did not have a mounting base, but were designed to be mounted directly to walls or the floor for the sign to blend with the surrounding architecture, emphasizing the scale and beauty of the space.  

梅光学院は日本で6番目に創設されたミッションスクールで新校舎 The Learning Station CROSSLIGHTは、同学院大学の開学50周年を機に建設された。新校舎は人と人の交流を促す、これまでにない新しい学習空間である。施設名のロゴマークは、名称とキリスト教の象徴である十字架を構成し、縦横の直線の交わりで「交流」を表現した。